Evidence based treatment for Cellulite

Shockwaves are non-invasive, relying on the same technology used in musculoskeletal acoustic wave treatments but with applicators to target more superficial tissues. Depending on the severity, clients will need approximately 10 ESWT treatments to complete their protocol and may need occasional tune-up treatments every few months or years to maintain their results. There is no downtime or unpleasant side effects and the treatments evoke cellular change from the inside out.

Benefits in Aesthetics Medicine:

  • Reduction of cellulite by gradually smoothing the skin surface
  • Increased firmness of the skin
  • Long-lasting treatment effect (more than 6 months post treatment)
  • Stimulation of muscle fibre growth which can lead to increased metabolic activity beneath the skin, leading to better circulation, improved lymph drainage and reduced inflammation/oedema

Understanding Cellulite

Cellulite, sometimes referred to as orange-peel skin, is a widespread problem affecting almost only women. It is mainly caused by the increase of the fat deposits around the buttocks and thighs and the skin’s aging process that causes the collagen layers to become thinner over time. An imbalance between fat production and fat breakdown within the cells leads to the formation of large fat cells that bulge towards the surface of the skin, giving the skin the characteristic dimpled orange peel appearance. Over time oedema and local inflammation also occurs.

Tissue oedema is one of the initial phenomena of cellulite. Reduction of oedema increases tissue permeability, so fluids and toxins retained within the fat cells are not only released, but also drained by the lymphatic system. By reducing the toxins there is less damage to the collagen fibres, meaning less degeneration and tighter skin.

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