Dimitris Sergakis MSc - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.

Since graduating in 2010, through continuous development Dimitris have been heavily involved with sports rehabilitation and occupational health related injuries and uses various manual techniques, acupuncture and is fully trained and specialised in Shockwave Therapy. Dimitris has a great reputation with his clients for achieving results in the minimal time. He is a thoroughly ethical professional who excels in his work.

On a personal note...

Having worked in the Sports & Health industry for over 10 years I have come to the conclusion that as a small business you are able to offer a personalised service to the community rather than following a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.

Getting to know and understand my clients from a holistic perspective gives me the opportunity to evaluate their personal goals and offer a service that they really value. Helping people achieve their ambitions offers me sincere satisfaction and deep love for my work which in-turn fuels my passion to keep advancing.


Dimitrios Sergakis


Areas of interest

Conditions treated - lower back pain; sciatica; sacroiliac joint dysfunction; shoulder impingement; hip pain; knee pain; nerve entrapment; neck pain; postural dysfunction; tennis elbow; golfer’s elbow; running injuries; tendonitis; sports injuries; erectile dysfunction and more

Treatments - shockwave therapy; mobilisations; muscle energy techniques; dry needling; acupuncture; exercise therapy; massage; myofascial release; tool assisted massage; trigger point therapy and more.

"I’ve been to Dimi for a variety of issues and he’s fixed me every time, can’t recommend him more!"


"I've been to see Dimi many times over the last 4 years. Very patient and always welcoming. Looks at the big picture, understands sport rehabilitation- an obvious choice whenever I'm asked about which physio to go and see. His new place is great, very professionally finished."


After a few years of suffering with Peyronie's found my life back within weeks. Thank you!


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